About Digital Healthcare Marketing Solutions

We are a full service marketing agency that offers excellence in our services and customer support. Not only do we specialize in healthcare marketing, but we also provide services to all businesses. We have a solution for the marketing challenges you face and start up goals and plans. Choose to work with us and learn more how we can help your company shine.

Who We Are


DHMS is here to help your business grow, connect with new and existing customers, make marketing easy for you; and all while providing excellent service to your company. We want to succeed right alongside you.



  1. Experience
    Our skilled marketing team brings and creates the winning force you need to tackle the marketing demands of your facility. We understand the big picture in today’s healthcare arena.
  2. Knowledge
    We recognize the balance and connection between patients and online tools. We have first-hand experience in dealing with digital marketing for the healthcare environment. What are your business needs, and how can we set you apart from the rest?
  3. We Know Healthcare
    We understand the present needs of healthcare, including how digital marketing can directly impact your business. With our experience and leadership, we have the tools to drive your practices digital marketing future.
  4. More Than Just Healthcare
    Not only do we understand the healthcare arena, but we also have extensive knowledge in building growth for various forms of businesses. We have experience helping many companies achieve their goals for success, improve their online presence and new start-up businesses. Some of our work includes working with companies such as property management, healthcare billing and credentialing, software programs, recruiting and management services
  5. Affordable
    Our company understands the importance of quality service at affordable rates. Not only are we competitive within the market, but we stand out from the rest by providing services you won’t find at all marketing agencies. If you’re choosing to start a marketing campaign or are looking for a specific service, we are here to help. We ensure the caliber of our services are unparalleled.

Our Process

Planning & Analysis

Understand the marketplace and your clients needs and wants.
Design a custom marketing strategy to drive traffic and awareness to your business.

Development & Execution

Construct the provisions in your marketing strategy, while working together to fine-tune your results.
Begin building relationships and new clients through brand awareness and advertising.

Continual Growth

Capture valuable informational feedback from clients and use this to implement new strategies and plans. Work together to make changes and updates to your marketing strategy.

We Understand Marketing Needs

Digital marketing has become the leading force behind many businesses today. It is imperative that we understand this need and incorporate it into business strategies and marketing plans. Networking with our current and potential clients; while building a strong digital connection, behooves all of us in this modern realm of advertising. Today’s patient acquisition is largely a digital journey through websites, social media and target advertising. That is why Digital Healthcare Marketing Solutions is here. You can focus on meeting the healthcare needs of your patients, while we focus on building your digital business.


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